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Enhance Your Style & Vision

We believe that finding perfect eyewear goes beyond vision correction—it’s about expressing your unique style. That’s why we offer a wide selection of fantastic frames for the whole family. 

Whether you prefer classic elegance, modern trends, or a combination of both, our eyewear collection has something for you. Visit us for new frames and lenses.

Your Partner in Frame Selection

Our experienced opticians can help you find frames that complement your face shape, lifestyle, and personal preferences. Plus, many of our frames are crafted with durability and comfort in mind, to help provide a long-lasting and enjoyable wearing experience. 

From sleek and sophisticated to bold and vibrant, our frame selection features eyewear designed to enhance your style and meet your needs.

Find Your Signature Look at The Vault

For those seeking designer eyewear and exclusive brands, look no further than The Vault—a historic bank vault housed within our practice that contains a trove of premium frames and sunglasses. Our curated collection features renowned designers and fashion-forward brands that embody style, craftsmanship, and innovation. 

Explore a range of distinctive frames that can reflect your individuality and help you make a statement. Whether you desire timeless elegance, contemporary flair, or modern designs, The Vault offers a diverse selection of eyewear to suit your taste and help accentuate your look.

Customize Your Visual Experience

We understand that no 2 sets of eyes are the same. That’s why we offer a range of advanced lens options to cater to your unique visual requirements. Our knowledgeable team loves working closely with you to determine your needs for lenses based on your prescription, lifestyle, and visual preferences. 

Whether you require single-vision, bifocal, or progressive lenses, we offer modern lens technologies that can provide clarity, convenience, and visual performance. 

From anti-reflective coatings to blue-light filters, we offer lens options designed to address specific concerns and help enhance your visual experience. We would love to help you get customized lenses that can help maximize your vision potential.

Book Your Appointment Today

Visit Sage Eyecare today to explore our wide range of frames and lenses. Discover the right eyewear for you at The Vault and experience the expertise of our dedicated team. 

Don’t forget to schedule a comprehensive eye exam for complete vision care as well. 

Our Brands

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Tom Ford

Tom Ford is the first true luxury brand of the 21st century and places a priority on delivering the highest quality product and the greatest standard of service.

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Lightweight titanium materials with Italian and Japanese styling cues abound in these perfectly crafted frames. Featuring quality and craftsmanship not seen by other brands, each pair is painstakingly manufactured in our Italian manufacturing facility and weighs in at 2.4 grams.

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Gucci is one of the most prestigious brands in the fashion and luxury field. Eclectic, romantic, and contemporary, Gucci is now taking a completely modern approach to what fashion is, re-establishing the rules for luxury in the 21st century.

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Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent, one of the world’s most fashionable designers, has a collection of stunning eyeglasses that are sure to please. Known for European grace and class, these women’s glasses frames are for those who put style first. Yves Saint Laurent has been a standout in the fashion industry for decades and never disappoints by expressing his European elegance with classic French sophistication.

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Monte Blanc

Hamburg based luxury brand Montblanc, long celebrated among stationary aficionados for their perfectly engineered pens, have set their sights on revolutionizing how you see (and are seen by) the world. Classically understated, these attractive sunglasses are sure to elevate any look.

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At KREWE, we lead with design and let culture drive the rest. Inspired by the endless diversity of life around us, we infuse that same creative energy and spirit into every pair of our exceptional, hand-crafted frames — giving you the freedom to #DoYou and, of course, enjoy the sun.

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Expertly crafted, the collection from Burberry features heritage detailing, signature shapes, and seasonal colors. We carry styles for both women and men, and they’re always up to the season.

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Prodesign Denmark

Founded in Denmark in 1973, Prodesign eyewear is a brand centered around quality, function, and design. With comprehensive knowledge of optics, Prodesign frames are shaped and refined to fit your unique expression. Offering a variety of styles to choose from, their craftsmanship aims to give everyone a unique addition to their personal style through innovative eyewear.

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Ray-Ban has always been durable, comfortable, and attractive from the vintage classics to the present-day trendy American frames. From celebrities to your friends, Ray-Ban is always a favorite.

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Michael Kors

Available in both optical and sun, the Michael Kors Eyewear Collection ranges from cat-eyes to aviators and from oversized to understated. Innovative materials like reflective lenses and one-of-a-kind tortoise acetates with details like the brand's signature logo charm and chain-link detail. Each pair is irresistibly chic, evoking the brand's unique sensibility and incorporating rich accents from the designer's runway collections.

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Emporio Armani

The name Armani has been synonymous with unrivaled Italian style all over the world for over 30 years. Perhaps best known for revolutionizing fashion with his unstructured jacket in the Eighties, Giorgio Armani has continued to define the well dressed ever since.

Our Location

Sage Eyecare is located in Mississauga just off the Queensway with easy access from Etobicoke. Plenty of parking is available in the lot outside of our building. 

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