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Enhance Your Vision with Contact Lenses

Contact lenses offer a convenient and versatile alternative to traditional eyeglasses. They can provide time away from frames and enhanced peripheral vision, and can be particularly beneficial for sports and active lifestyles. 

At Sage Eyecare, we offer contact lens exams and fittings to help our patients achieve a comfortable and healthy fit for their contact lenses. 

Routine Eye Exams & Contact Lens Exams:
What’s the Difference?

While a routine eye exam focuses on assessing overall eye health and determining eyeglass prescriptions, a contact lens exam goes a step further.

During a contact lens exam, our optometrists evaluate the unique curvature of your eyes, measure your corneal health, and assess tear production and quality to find the right contact lenses for your unique eyes.

What to Expect at a Contact Lens Exam & Fitting

During a contact lens exam and fitting at Sage Eyecare, our experienced optometrists will conduct a thorough assessment of your eye health, measure the curvature of your eyes, and discuss your lifestyle and vision needs. Based on these findings, we will recommend suitable contact lens options so we can provide you with a trial pair to evaluate comfort and vision. 

We will also guide you through the proper insertion, removal, and care of your lenses to help you feel confident and knowledgeable when using your contact lenses.

Experience Uninterrupted Vision

Whether you’re an athlete striving for peak performance or someone with an active work environment, contact lenses can provide a game-changing solution for clear and unrestricted vision. 

We understand the unique visual demands of sports and work, and our contact lens options are designed to help enhance your performance and productivity.

Contact lenses are the preferred choice for many athletes due to their numerous advantages. For example, contact lenses can provide a wide field of view, allowing you to see your surroundings without any frame obstructions. This improved peripheral vision can be crucial for tracking fast-moving objects and opponents during sports activities.

Clear and comfortable vision can be essential for productivity in many workplace environments. Whether you spend long hours in front of a computer or engage in hands-on work, contact lenses can offer significant advantages with a natural and unobstructed view, allowing you to focus on intricate details without worrying about your glasses.

Enjoy Clear Vision with a Customized Fit

Our comprehensive approach can help you get contact lenses tailored to your eyes’ unique characteristics with a personalized fit that can provide clear vision based on your needs. 

Take the first step towards enjoying the freedom and clarity that contact lenses can offer. Schedule your appointment today.

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